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Who is it about?

Aaaam, me? What about me? Let's put it like this, I'll give it some thought and will get back to you on this one, as soon as I'm done. Deal?

Until then, here are some bite-size facts and a bit furhter below we can try and sort out the confusion around the name.

Quick facts

  • DJ? * Yes.
  • House music? * Yes.
  • Other music? * Sometimes.
  • Slovenia? * Yes.
  • Sloveni-what? * Slo-ve-ni-a

From ZZigc to ZZygy Zee

It all began with my long used web nickname - ZZigc (double Z is pronounced as 'zh' in US 'garage' and between 'g' and 'c' there is this open-mid vowel 'ɜ' as in 'about', so zh-ee-g-uh-c). But going abroad and trying to teach people who spoke just about any other language than Slovene, how to properly pronounce my nickname, proved to be nearly impossible.

So quite fast I became everything but ZZigc. It went from Zig over ZigZag to just Zzz and eventually Ziggy seemed to be catching up. And it did. And I used it. For the historical reasons (and to not be confused with a reggae legend), I used double Z, two Ys and one G. Zee at the end just ads a bit more buzz to the name. Designing the logo later on I noticed two Ys on each side of 'g' give an impression of a guy holding up both hands with a rock-on gesture. And there you have it, a brave new nickname, DJ zzYgY Zee =)